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Over 65 Card Sets Enhancing
for Over 35 Years
in Four Formats!

Vis-Ed Cards
Think Sets
Compact Facts Study Cards
Blank Cards

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Vis-Ed Card Formats:

Vis-Ed Sets: Contain 1000 - 1.5"x 3.5" Cards Designed to Challenge the Mind with Questions/Terms and Answers/Definitions on Opposite Sides.

Compact Facts: Contain 60 - 2.5" x 3.5" Cards Filled with Phrases and Information Relative to the Subject.

Think Sets w/Audio CD - Provide the Total Learning Experience for Languages by Combining 400 - 2.5" x 3.5"
Study Cards with an Audio CD.

Blank Sets - Blank Cards are Perfect for Making Unique Card Sets or Supplementing Existing Sets.

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Modern Spanish

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English I
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1000 Blank Cards
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300 Blank Cards

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Biblical Hebrew
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Vis-Ed Cards

English I Vocabulary Cards
English II Vocabulary Cards
Spelling Study Cards
Arabic Vocabulary Cards
Chinese Vocabulary Cards
French Vocabulary Cards
German Vocabulary Cards
Biblical Greek Vocabulary Cards
Classical Greek Vocabulary Cards
Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Cards
Modern Hebrew Vocabulary Cards
Italian Vocabulary Cards
Japanese Vocabulary Cards
Korean Vocabulary Cards
Portuguese Vocabulary Cards
Modern Spanish Bilingual Vocabulary Cards
Classical Spanish Vocabulary Cards
SAT Verbal Preparatory Study Cards
SAT Math
Inorganic Chemistry Reactions
Organic Chemistry Nomenclature
Organic Chemistry Reactions
Anatomy The Muscles
Medical Terminology
Bible Verses King James Version
Bible Verses New International Version
Legal Terminology Cards
Statistics Study Cards

Blank Cards

Blank Cards 100 - Count
Blank Cards 300 - Count
Blank Cards 1000 -Count

Think Sets

Think English I
Think English II
Think French I
Think French II
Think German I
Think German II
Think Russian I
Think Spanish I
Think Spanish II

Compact Facts Study Cards

English Composition
English Grammar
English Punctuation
French Conversation
French Grammar
French Verbs
German Conversation
German Grammar
German Verbs
Italian Conversation
Russian Conversation
Russian Grammar
Russian Verbs
Spanish Conversation
Spanish Grammar
Spanish Verbs
Basic Algebra
Calculus I
Macro Economics
Micro Economics