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Vis-Ed Cards : Pharmacology

Animated cards are not the actual size of the product. UPC: 781556371097
ISBN: 1-55637-109-8
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Cards Size 3 1/2" x 1 1/2"

These 250 cards present an overview of the most common pharmacological agents used in the United States. The Front of each card shows the name and chemical structure of a drug, while the back gives a description of physiological actions, clinical uses, adverse effects and pharmacokinetic information. Contraindications for use and interactions with other agents are noted where relevant. Over 500 drugs representing all classes of agents are covered in this set.

This set is of great benefit in the study of pharmacology by all students of the health sciences. It also provides a comprehensive review in preparation for standardized board exams. A preface booklet is included containing a summary of pharmacological principles, a list of abbreviations, and a full index of agents listed by generic and proprietary names.